User interface

  • Conventional four-view workspace
  • WYSIWIG Camera view, with fully interactive camera positioning
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Models can be represented by different levels-of-detail to maintain interactivity during playback and editing
  • Elements can be placed in, and rendered out, in layers
  • Integrated render preview


  • Hierarchical animation
  • Key frames, expressions and data files can be used for animating
  • Channel editor
  • Dope sheet editor
  • Versatile playback control
  • Reference images/video can be loaded into the Camera view to aid final compositing.
  • Ghosting and path display of animated objects, to help visualize motion
  • Channel modifiers (noise etc.)

Built-in animation objects

  • Standard Renderman lights plus area lights
  • Particle system with point, area and volume sources, collisions, and forces

Plugin animation objects

  • 3D extruded text with bevels from any Truetype font
  • Trees (in progress)
  • Terrain generated from a height map, such as generated by geomorph (in progress)
  • Water waves (in progress)

Renderer support

  • Interface to renderer-specific features, including automatic multi-pass rendering to support shadow maps etc.

Model import

  • RIB