screenhack is a 3-D animation system designed to work with RenderMan-compatible renderers. It focuses on procedural creation and animation of natural objects (waves, trees etc) but can also animate imported objects. It is presently being developed under Linux but will probably work fine with other Unices as well. screenhack does not have an integrated modeller; if you need this then you should have a look at k3d. These are some of screenhack's features


Website updated
March 27, 2010 - Website overhauled in preparation for some upcoming software releases.
ribbify released
September 24, 2006 - Added a page for ribbify .
Website updated
November 12, 2005 - New information on shader previews and procedural plugins
CVS publically available
December 12, 2004 -Source now available in CVS for the keen to compile.
Website up
September 27,2004 - It's a bit of a tease but here are a few pages to give you a flavour of what screenhack is like. No source code yet, sorry. Keep watching the skies.